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The Traveling Gavel is at

DistrictTraveling Program

January – December 2016

 Official Travel Record booklets will be issued by the District’s Lodges to its members

  Travel Record Booklets are available from the Grand Office at a cost of $1.50 each

  The period that travel credits will be of value is from January 1, 2016 to December 31st, 2016 

  To receive credit(s), Travel Record holders will present their Passport to the Secretary at each Lodge visited before or after meeting for his signature and Lodge seal

  The three Lodges in each District with the most activity from their “Traveling Crew” will be recognized at that District’s January 2017 District Officer’s Association meeting

  Each Lodge will count and report the total number of its Lodge’s credits to the District Officers’ Association by April 15th, 2016 so an update can be made at the Grand Communication the first week of May 2016

Credit Values

Stated Meeting of a Lodge in the Brother’s District (including his Lodge) 1
Stated Meeting in a Lodge in another District 
Attendance at EA, FC, or MM Degrees 2
A Masters and Wardens (Officers’ Association) meeting 2
Lodge Installations 3
Lodge Inspections
Maine Masonic College Courses 3
DIRIGO Leadership Seminars 3
Grand Master’s District Meeting 3
Serving on a Certified Degree Team   
Grand Communications 4
Signed Qualification in the Rookie Program (EAs) 4
ANY attendance by an EA or FC, when accompanied by a Brother from his Lodge 4


It is suggested that a “Traveling Brother”, not necessarily an officer, be assigned to organize the communication of travel opportunities within his Lodge.  He should receive a copy of the District Calendar and have access to the Grand Lodge Calendar on the Grand Lodge website.  He should also have an email list for the Brothers and candidates of his Lodge so he can alert them to the opportunities for travel.  He should also understand that travel is voluntary and is not to be dictated.

 Some of the benefits of increased travel may be better ritual after an introduction to other Lodges’ work.  Lodges will hopefully become less parochial with exposure to social contact with Brothers from other Lodges.  All of the travel will hopefully cause attendance, travel and the District’s overall culture to improve.  The program will cause the “The Traveling Gavel” to move around the districts with greater frequency.

 The Secretary of each Lodge will need to have his Lodge seal at meetings so he can stamp Travel Record Booklets. He will also assign a value for the meeting based on the program’s Credit Values and record it in the Travel Record Booklets. “Make up” stamps will not be offered. The only exception will be that each Lodge’s Secretary will stamp Travel Record Booklets for those who attended Grand Communications from his Lodge.

Current and past Grand Lodge Officers and Appointees will be encouraged to participate in the program, representing their Lodge. It would be a great idea if they made it known in their District when they are traveling and would invite Brothers to travel with them as part of their “crew”.

This is the first time this type of reward program has been offered for traveling and suggestions at the end of the year will be sort, so please keep track of any ideas you may have to improve the program.

Thank you.